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Team Boyce Advantage

The Future of Real Estate

The next step in real estate is a big technological shift. It signifies the end of the single broker and the beginning of real estate teams. With the amount of work that goes into a listing nowadays, it’s simply impossible for one broker to do it all, as well as stay in contact with their clients. We have harnessed this tech-shift and are very excited to show you how crucial these are to your listing.

Video Tours

Once the property is showing-ready, we proceed with the magazine-level photos,  as well as a full HD, beautiful, lifestyle driven video, showing the clients what it’s like to be in the home, and part of the community.  This is simply something almost no other broker is doing.

In addition to the video tour of your home, you may find a video tour of your neighborhood linked as well. This gives the clients a feel for the nearby amenities, and an overall understanding of the quality of area you live in.

Magazine Level Photos

In real estate, we have some fundamentals. Those fundamentals are the photos and the written description. Photos are essential to marketing online. Nowadays, no one set foot in a home unless they’ve seen the photos and are impressed with them. The way our photos are done, every visit will be like a qualified second visit.