101 Amherst Rd, Beaconsfield, QC H9W 5Y7

About Us

James Boyce, an award winning real estate chartered broker for over 25 years with a sterling reputation, was joined by his wife Maureen Boyce to begin Team Boyce.

Enter their son Logan Boyce more than five years ago, and you have the original family team.

Logan was a strong addition, bringing to the team his youthful energy. His welcome tech skills enhanced the team’s ability to market effectively, but it didn’t stop there!

Logan had a vision to expand the Boyce team. By selecting the best and the brightest, and offering dedicated training to each and every one, the Boyce team has now expanded into a dynamic team of nine excellent brokers.

This all adds up to better service, better marketing and better results for you.

The strength of our team is unbeatable!

Media Attention

When you do amazing work, people start to take notice. This last year we had the pleasure of being written up in the Montreal Gazette. Check out the article about us and one of our favorite locations, Pointe-Claire.